My name is David Marx, and I’m addicted to data science.

I’m a Data Scientist at Elder Research, a consulting firm in the DC area. I started this blog when I was a Data Analyst at a music royalty company and was just getting my feet wet with data science in my spare time. I found myself spending more and more of my free time and energy teaching myself data science/machine learning/statistics/programming topics, attending lectures in the local meetup community, and engaging in hobby projects. Eventually, I gave in and got a Math/Stats MS from Georgetown (resulting in a significant reduction in my activity on this blog).

Despite its name, this blog is not specifically targeted towards discussion of unsupervised algorithms. “Unsupervised Learning” is instead a nod to my (largely successful) early efforts to teach myself various analytics skills. Really, this blog is just a place for me to write up whatever project I’m working on in my free time or to post whatever I feel like writing about that day.




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